How to drive your pressure washing business forward

Before you start, you have to address a few business needs. For example, you have to decide the business structure you will use, whether a sole proprietor, C-Corp or LLC. You also have to go for state and local business licenses, register the business, get the state or federal tax number and have a bank account. After going for all these, you can now look at the business insurance to protect clients, the investment, and yourself.

If you plan to self-employ without hiring workers, you will still have to decide how to structure your business. You need to file a “doing business as” (DBA) or the business’s fictitious name with the county clerk or assessor for a sole proprietor business. The DBA allows you to have a name for your invoices and cheques. You can also deposit or receive payments into your business bank account. You can get business credit cards for the business.

Your business name sells your services to people. You need to research well and have a name that envisions pressure-washing business flyers and cards.

An LLC needs only one person, but such businesses are partnerships in most cases. You can set up your business online as a C-Corp or an LLC, but it’s good to research registration fees and annual taxes you will include in the business before you incorporate.

Incorporation separates personal property from the business property. You will pay self-employment tax for a sole proprietor but not business employment tax.

After deciding on the type of business structure, you will use, now you apply for an EIN or business tax ID. You can decide to use your social security number as the EIN for a sole proprietor. For the LLC or C-Corp, you will get a corporate tax ID from your state and the federal government. When you get your business incorporated and registered and have business licenses, go for the pressure washing insurance.

A successful pressure washing business charges between $55 to $160 per hour to clean gutters and $250 – $600 per hour to clean a roof. If you can have clients and stay busy, you can profit between $30000 – $60000 in a year.

Before you start your business, you need to do comprehensive research in your area to learn about the competition in terms of clients and prices. You will get insights on setting up your business to fit in the market.

Make a budget for your business without neglecting the fixed costs like buying or renting equipment. You can start this business with a rented machine, but you have to buy your protective gear. Will you hire assistants to aid you in performing these tasks? How will you pay them? Maker your budget projections and project your business in the next three years.

Some business relies on advertising and websites to get clients. Make plans on how you will advertise your services.

Client loyalty programs work well to build the business. For any consecutive wash sessions, offer a free wash. Don’t assume effective and traditional advertising like the refrigerator magnets.


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